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Talking Disney Podcast Movie Night: 'The Strongest Man in the World'

Welcome to the Talking Disney Podcast Movie Night! We love movies here at the Talking Disney Podcast, we watched and talked about each of the Disney animated feature films on Podcast Episodes #51 (The One That Started It All) through #124 (Strange World Is The End Of Our Journey.) We are bringing some of that movie watching magic to the website. We will still talk about some movies in the podcast in the near future as well. Our goal is to watch one movie a week, share some details and publish our thoughts on Fridays (or Saturdays.) Some weeks we may have comments from all three hosts, sometimes two and sometimes just one. 

The movies will be picked at random and for now to make it easier on us, we will choose movies that are currently on Disney+. 

So without further ado, here is our next Talking Disney Podcast Movie Night movie - ‘The Strongest Man in the World.’

Spoiler Warning - There may be spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen the film check it out first. If you have seen it or don’t care about spoilers then by all means click “Read more >>” below.

‘The Strongest Man in the World’ was released on February 6, 1975. A Walt Disney Productions and distributed by Buena Vista Film Distribution Co, Inc. “Medfield College science major Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) and his classmates are working on a new vitamin compound when a lab accident creates a supercharged mix that ends up in Dexter’s cereal box. After breakfast the next morning, Dexter is transformed, possessing a superhuman strength that levels lampposts and destroys doorknobs. The powerful formula comes to the attention of the college dean and two rival cereal companies, touching off a hilarious chain of events. Ultimate control of the moneymaking formula rides on a weight lifting match between the pitifully small Medfield team and the superior State challengers.” (from Disney+)

Directed by Vincent McEveety. Produced by Bill Anderson. Written by Joseph McEveety and Herman Groves. Cinematography by Andrew Jackson. Music by Robert F. Brunner. Starring Kurt Russell (Dexter Riley), Joe Flynn (Dean Huggins), Eve Arden (Harriet Crumply), Cesar Romero (A.J. Arno), Phil Silvers (Kirwood Kringle), Dick Van Patten (V.P. Harry Crumply), Harold Gould (Regent Dietz), Michael McGreevey (Richard Schuyler), Richard Bakalyan (Cookie as Dick Bakalyan), William Schallert (Prof. Quigley), Benson Fong (Ah Fong), James Gregory (Chief Blair), Ann Marshall (Debbie, Student), Don Carter (Gilbert, Student), Christina Anderson (Cris, Student), Paul Linke (Porky, Student), Jack David Walker (Slither, Student), Melissa Coffey (Melissa, Student), John Debney (John, Student), Derrel Maury (Hector, Student), Matthew Conway Dunn (Matthew, Student), Pat Fitzpatrick (Pat, Student), David Richard Ellis (David, Student), Larry Franco (Larry, Student), Roy Roberts (Mr. Roberts), Fritz Feld (Mr. Frederick), Ronnie Schell (Referee), Raymond Bailey (Regent Burns), John Myhers (Mr. Roscoe), James E. Brodhead (Edward), Dick Patterson (Mr. Secretary), Irwin Charone (Irwin), Roger Price (Roger), Jack Bailey (Jack), Larry Gilman (Larry), Eric Brothers (Eric), Jonathan Daly (TV Announcer), Kathleen Freeman (Policewoman), Iggie Wolfington (Mr. Becker), Ned Wertimer (Mr. Parsons), Milton Frome (Mr. Lufkin), Laurie Main (Mr. Reedy), Mary Treen (Mercedes), Eddie Quillan (Mr. Willoughby), Jeff DeBenning (Mr. Rogers), Henry Slate (Mr. Slate), Byron Webster (Mr. Webster), Burt Mustin (Regent Appleby), Arthur Space (Regent Shaw), Bill Zuckert (Policeman), Larry J. Blake (Pete), William Bakewell (Professor), Art Metrano (TV Color Man), Pete Renoudet (Reporter), Lennie Weinrib (State Coach), Danny Wells (Drummer), James Beach (TV Man). (from Internet Movie Database)

The third and final film of the Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) series. The series centered around a college student named Dexter Riley who attended Medfield College and a science class led by Professor Quigley. The first two films in the series were ‘The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes’ and ‘Now You See Him, Now You Don’t’. 

Film Technical Specifications - Genre: Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi | Rating: PG | Runtime: 1 hour and 32 minutes (92 minutes) | Sound Mix: Mono (RCA Photophore Sound Recording) | Color: Color (Technicolor) | Aspect Ratio: 1.75:1.

Jason's Thoughts

Another Disney movie that I had not seen before. Not a blockbuster by any means, but not a horrible hour and a half. I have not seen the first two movies in the Dexter Riley series, so maybe those come up soon and I can finish the trilogy? There were some good character actors from the period and many cheesy 1970’s movie moments. ‘The Strongest Man in the World’ gets a score of 50.00 (out of 100) from me. 

James' Thoughts

This is an older Disney movie, made in the 70’s, that I haven’t seen before.  I’ve really been excited to see some of these older movies as I know there are a lot I’ve been wanting to watch.  I was pretty optimistic to see this one, but that optimism didn’t last too long.  I thought the movie was OK I guess - but there was just a lot I didn’t care for.  There are a lot of great actors in this film - many of whom I am a fan of.  But I feel that the story just wasn’t that great and the characters within the film just weren’t good.  I felt myself becoming bored watching this one and kept checking to see how much time was left.  I didn’t hate it, but I definitely didn’t think it was that good and it’s not one I’ll be looking to watch again any time soon.  On a scale of 0-100, this one gets a 55 from me.  

Have you seen ‘The Strongest Man in the World?’ What are your thoughts on the movie? Share in the comments below, we'd love to hear them.

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